Little One & Me: Offered at No Cost to Families!

By Julie Cooper | January 12, 2023

Little One & Me Photo

The Little One & Me Class at Weingarten Children’s Center is grant-funded for the 2022-2023 school year, which allows us to offer the class at no cost to families.  Classes are held weekly on Friday mornings for one hour, onsite at Weingarten Children’s Center.  Parent(s) accompany their little one to class.  


  • Babies or toddlers under 18 months of age 
  • Child has hearing loss and uses hearing devices (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants) to access sound
  • Family’s goal is to teach their child to listen and speak
  • Family can commit to regular attendance of the class

The Little One & Me Class follows the traditional school calendar year (late August through early June). This class is designed to teach and engage both the child and the parent(s) as learners. During the course of the school year, Little One & Me covers a variety of topics regarding several different domains of child development, specific to children using hearing technology to learn to listen and speak. A new topic is presented each week.  

Babies engage in the class through music, singing, developmentally appropriate toys, and highly specialized activities designed to increase listening and spoken language skills. Caregivers learn critical information on how to help their child reach their listening and speaking potential through video clips, demonstrations, handouts, articles, and other resources discussed as a group. Each class also includes designated time for the parents to practice the new strategies/topics of the week with the babies, receiving feedback and coaching from the instructor in real time.

“The ‘Little One and Me’ class at Weingarten was extremely helpful in getting our family started in our LSL journey. We started to attend when our son was 4 months old and we learned all the LSL strategies we currently use from the ‘Little One and Me’ class. We are very grateful to the instructor and WCC for giving our son a strong foundation onto which he is now building his listening and spoken skills and thriving with LSL.” — Little One & Me Parent, 2021-2022

Classes are led by a certified Listening & Spoken Language specialist (LSLS Cert AVT/ AVEd). Spots are limited. Click the Get In Touch button to inquire about availability and to schedule a trial class.

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